VSAE: Seal a Management Pack


Just a quick post on how to create a sealed management pack when building a management pack using Visual Studio Authoring Extensions.

I am currently studying  on how to create management pack’s using Visual Studio Authoring Extensions. When creating a sealed management pack I use the following default settings:

  1. Start Visual Studio 2015 Visual Studio 2015
  2. In the Visual Studio 2015 tool click “File”. “New”, “Project
    Create New Project
  3. In the New project screen, expand “Templates”, “Management Pack”, “Operations Manager”. From the New Project screen, select “Operations Manager 2007 R2 Management Pack” and give the Management Pack a logical Name and click “OK” 
    New Project
  4. In Visual Studio in the “Solution Explorer” right click the “ms.opsmgr.management.pack” and click “Properties
    Properties Management Pack
  5. On the properties page click “Build” en select “Generate a sealed and signed Management Pack” and change the “Company Name
    Generate Sealed and Signed Management pack
  6. From the Start menu Start the “Developer Command Prompt for VS2015
    Developer Command Prompt
  7. On the Developers command prompt enter the following command: “sn –k “C:\Users\Roel\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\ms.opsmgr.management.pack\msopsmgr.snk”” and press “Enter
    Developer Command Prompt
  8. Switch back to Visual Studio
  9. In Visual Studio on the build page, click “Browse”. Browse to the location where you have save your key pair and click “Open” The result should look something like this:
    Select Generated Key Pair

Now every time when we do a build off the Management pack the management pack will be sealed whit the generated key pair.

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