(UN)sealing Management Packs

Most management packs are sealed from the vender and any changes to the management pack, or any rule, alerts and tasks that are created, will be included in an unsealed management pack.
You could use the default management pack to store the objects or overrides, but doing that will not allow for efficient organization of the objects and overrides.
You can create new Management pack’s using the operations manager console.
When you create a management pack, the created management pack can be sealed so that other administrators are not being able to make changes to the management pack.
Create a management pack using the Operation Manager Console
1.     Start the System Center Operations Manager Console
2.     Click “Administration
3.     Select “Management packs
4.     Right click “Management Packs”, and click “Create Management Pack
5.     Under “Name”, Name the management pack a logical name.
6.     Under “Version”, Give the management pack a version
7.     Under “Description” Give a description of the management pack
8.     Click Next and click “Create
Unseal a Management Pack
You cannot edit existing rules in sealed management packs. If you want to change scripts or rules in a sealed management Pack, the best practice is to create an override for the items you want to customize and create the item’s in a knew management pack.
You can unseal an management pack and make changes to the management Pack. This is not a good idea:
1.     When you unseal a management pack the management packs are no longer supported.
2.     You cannot do upgrade of the management pack.
So why do you want to unseal a management pack: To Learn
1.     Download MPtoXML.ps1 script form here
2.     Start the “Operations Manager Shell
3.     Run the following example command:
E:\MPtoXml.ps1 –mpFilePath:’d:\Program Files (X86)\System Center Management Packs\Active Directory Management Pack\Microsoft.Windows.Server.AD.2008.Monitoring.mp’ –outputDirectory:’E:\UnSealedMP’
4.     Browse to “E:\UnSealedMP” and see the XML file that is created there
Seal a Management Pack
If you created your own management pack, you can seal the management pack.
Make sure you install .Net Framework SDK
1.     Create a KeyPar:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft.NET\SDK\v2.0\bin\sn.exe –k E:\keypair\keypair.snk
2.     Extract the Public key:
 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft.NET\SDK\v2.0\bin\sn.exe –p E:\keypair\keypair.snk E:\keypair\Publickey
3.     Display the token for the public key store:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft.NET\SDK\v2.0\bin\sn.exe –tp E:\keypair\Publickey
4.     Open the System center Operations manager 2007 r2 Authoring Console
5.     Select “File”, “Save As”, “Sealed and Signed Management pack”
6.     Give the Management Pack the suggested name
7.     Specify the keypair you created earlier

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