Maintenance Mode Explained


Maintenance mode is a option in System Center Operation Manager 2007 r2 and System Center Operation Manager 2012. You can use the maintenance mode option when you are planning a software update or when you planning a hardware upgrade.

When you place a Agent in maintenance mode the workflows that are targeted against the Agent will be susppended during the Maintenance mode. This wil prevent the generation of alerts and notfications. When a Agent is in maintenance mode the following will be suppressed at the agent:

  • Alerts
  • Notifications
  • Rules
  • Monitors
  • Automatic Respones
  • State Changes
  • New Alerts

When you place a Agent in Maintenance mode the following event is generated in the operations Manager Eventlog


Placing a Agent into Maintenance Mode

  1. Open the Operations Manager Console
  2. Under the "Monitoring" expand "Microsoft Windows Server" and select "Windows Server State"


  3. This wil list al the servers that are monitored by System Center Operations Manager
  4. Select a "Agent" and in the "Actions" screen Click "Start Maintenance Mode"


  5. In the Maintenance mode settings screen. Select "Selected Objects and all their contained objects" This will put the complete server in Maintenance mode. In the "Category" select the catagory of wich this maintenance mode is placed. Then you select the "Time interval" for the maintenance mode using the option under "Duration" Remember this is required. Press "OK"


What happens in the background when placcing a Agent in Maintenance Mode?

  1. When you place an agent into Maintenance Mode a call is made to the SDK service to trigger the Maintenance Mode for the agent and the workflow running on that agent are unloaded.
  2. A Configuration update is calculated and sent to the agent. When you check the event log on the agent that is put in Maintenance Mode you see the event 1210 is created on the agent


  3. On a schedule the RMS checks of the maintenance mode is expiring.
  4. When the maintenance mode is expired, a updated is sent to the agent and the workflows are loaded on the agent

Scheduling Maintenance Mode

Default can System Center Operations Manager 2007 r2 not allow scheduling maintenance mode. But when you install System Center Operations Manager 2007 r2 Admin Resource Kit you can schedule Maintenace Mode. You can download the Operations Manager R2 Admin Resource Kit from here You can also use the community tool: SCOM Remote Maintenace Mode Scheduler writen by Tim McFadden

For System Center Operations Manager 2012 the Admin Resource Kit is not yet available

More information on Maintenance mode can be found:

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