Health Service Unloaded System Rule(s)


In my System Center Operations Manager 2007 r2 I ran into the following error.


I used the following steps to fix the error

  • Restart the healthservice on the agent. I used the command line to stop the service: "net stop HealthService" and to start the service: "net start HealthService". This could solve the issue above. In my case it didn’t
  • Option 1: Clear the HealthService queue and config (manually). Stop the health true "net stop healthservice" and browse to the following directory "C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager 2007\Health Service State" and delete al folders and files in that directory. Start the HealthService "net start HealthService"
  • Option 2: Clear the HealthService queue and config (from the console). Start the "Operations Manager Console" and browse to "Monitoring, Operations Manager, Agent and select Agent Health State", Select the server wich is generating the alert. From the Actions pane Click "Flush Health Service State And Cache"


  • Option 3: Repair the agent. Start the "Operations Manager Console" and browse to "Administration, Device Management, Agent Managed", Select the troubled agent and from the actions pane select "repair"


  • Option 4: Reinstall the agent

More information on this issue can be found on the blog of Kevin Holeman

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