Opsmgr 2007 r2 DNS 2008/R2 Resolution Time Alert


I frequently getting the alert: DNS Server xxxxxxxxx is experiencing performance issues.


The reason why this alert is generated is that often the server is busy executing scripts we run to check how the local DNS server is responding. When you check the default threshold you can see it is set to 1 Second.

Because this are generated by a monitor which is changing his state frequently. These alert get auto-resolved and get back to a healthy state by design.

The best thing to do is changing the default threshold from 1 to 3 seconds.

  1. Open the “Operations Manager Console” and open the health explorer for the sever that is giving problem’s
  2. Open “Performance” and right click “DNS 2008/R2 Resolution Time – xxxxxxxxxxxxx (DNS 2008/R2 server)” click “Monitor Properties
  3. Under “DNS 2008/R2 Resolution Time properties” click the tab “Override
  4. Under the “Override” tab click “Override”, “For all objects of class: DNS Server
  5. Check “Threshold Seconds” and change the override value to 3 seconds, Select the management pack for you customizations click “Apply” and “OK

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