Operational Data Reporting Failed


I ran into the following alert in my System Center Operations Manager 2007 r2 Environment. The Alert is generated Daily


During the setup of Operations manager 2007 r2 reporting, on the Operational Data Reports page, you had the option to join the CEIP (The Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program). If you chose to join the CEIP, the Operations Manager 2007 Reports collect information about your installation and sends it to Microsoft on a weekly basis.

The alert above is generated because I enabled ODR reporting during my installation.

To Solve the Issue:

  1. Start “Operations Manager Console
  2. Go to “Administration”, “Security”, “User Roles
  3. Open the “Profile: Report Operator
  4. Under the “Operations Manager Report Operators – User Role Properties” Page click “Add
  5. Add the user account mentioned in the alert.
  6. Click “Apply” and “OK

    Opsmgr 2007 r2 Scheduling Reports

    Reports can be run on a schedule so that an operator or user does not have to remember to run the report. These Reports will then be ready to view when the user wants to see them.
    Schedule a report to a share:
    1. Create a share \\servername\share
    2. Start the "Operations Manager Console" click "Reporting"
    3. Select the report you want to Schedule in my case "System Up Time Report" and click form the "Actions" "Open"
    4. Click "File" and "Schedule"
    5. For the "Description" you can label it with the name you want to use. ‘Example: Server Uptime Share
    6. Under "Delivery method”, Choose the “Windows File Share” option.
    7. Under "File Name(required)", Specify the name of the file (Without the file extension)
    8. Under “Path (required)”, Specify the path to the share
    9. Under “Render Format (required)”, Select the format Acrobat (PDF) file
    10 Under “Write Mode” Select Auto increment
    11 Check “File Extension
    12. The user account (With domain) and password to write to the share.
    13. Create a schedule. The schedule is stored as a new job in the SQL Server Agent.
    14. When the schedule is created. There should be a file in the directory you specified.
    E-mail a Scheduled report:
    1.  To Deliver a report via email start the “Reporting Service Configuration Manager
    2. Under the “E-mail Settings” insert the “Sender Address” and the “SMTP Sever
    3. When you know op de the scheduled report. You can select the delivery method “E-mail
    4. Under settings you can configure the settings you want to use,